This may be a bit difficult to digest, but according to a recent report by All About Cats, it seems that Taylor Swift‘s cat net worth is much higher than the average person’s. We’re left with no choice but to contemplate why weren’t we born as cute fluff balls loved by a pop star. But it isn’t just Swift’s pet that has amassed such wealth, check out other celebrity pets’ net worths that might leave you in a total state of shock.

Karl Lagerfeld’s Birman Choupette

Obviously, if the fancy name isn’t a dead giveaway, the kitty is worth $13 Million that she inherited after Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld passed away. Additionally, Choupette has made $4.5 million from modelling contracts and endorsements. The fashion mogul’s one true love is known as the most famous cat in fashion. With fans around the world, the feline loves to update her luxurious lifestyle through her verified Instagram account to her 130K followers.

Oprah Winfrey’s Pups

Celebrity Pets Net Worth
Courtesy of Oprah, Harpo Inc./Jose Tutiven

We already know how generous Oprah Winfrey is, so it’s not a surprise to anyone that her pups Sadie, Sunny, Lauren, Layla, and Luke are getting the same treatment. For Winfrey, her pups are her fur children and she considers them her family. According to Winfrey’s will, each pup will inherit $30 million after their owner’s passing, and they also each have their trust fund set up. 

Betty White’s Pontiac

The golden retriever Pontiac belonged to America’s sweetheart Betty White. Described as her pride and joy, the pup’s trust fund is worth $5 million. Pontiac was adopted by White from one of the many animal nonprofits that she was part of. Her love for animals was once again showcased when she adopted her pup due to a skin condition that’s expensive to treat for an average pet parent. Sadly, Pontiac passed away a few years before White, and she never adopted another animal. 

Taylor Swift’s Olivia Benson

The Scottish Fold feline, Olivia Benson, named after the popular detective from Law & Order series belongs to the multi-award-winning singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. Olivia definitely belongs to the elite gang of celebrity pets. Courtesy of her famous owner, this little feline has already starred in plenty of artists’ music videos and made cameos in many high-budget ads with Diet Coke, AT&T, Ned Sneakers, and more. Including Olivia’s merchandise line, the fur ball’s net worth is a whopping $97 million making her the third richest cat in the world.