Britney Spears
Britney Spears (Photo: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)

Now that we know Britney Spears is actually the one posting to her Instagram account, is the singer trying to send her fans a clue with her latest ‘gram? “Can you find a word that isn’t actually a word????” Spears asked in the caption. “Sometimes it’s fun to make ones up.”

One Instagram user commented, asking “so who decoded this?” Another responded “‘Quit’ and ‘Drew’ are right next to each other, look up Dr. Drew’s interview on Britney!!” while someone else pointed out a particular message. “I could be looking to into this but I was able to outline H E L P with the Scrabble pieces on the board,” another fan commented. 

Britney Spears fans seem to be convinced that the 39-year-old singer is leaving hidden messages on her social media posts as a cry for help, inciting the #FreeBritney movement online. But earlier this month, Co-founder of Crowd Surf – the management company that handles Spears’ Instagram – Cassie Petrey posted to her own Instagram account to set the record straight on “a lot of inaccurate theories.”

“She has stated many times that she creates the posts, but people continue to believe conspiracy theories over what Britney says over and over again,” said Petrey. “Britney is not ‘asking for help’ or leaving secret messages in her social media. She is literally just living her life and trying to have fun on Instagram.”

Petrey continued, saying: “In terms of being supportive of Britney on her social media, the best thing you can do for her is just be nice. That’s all she really wants. Don’t bully her. She doesn’t deserve it,” she said. “She’s having fun creating posts and sharing images that she likes. That’s it. There’s not some secret agenda to it. She’s just having a good time, and I hope this helps people see it for what it actually is.”

So nothing to see here, folks. Spears is just having a little fun playing words with friends.