As a symbol of gathering and togetherness, the luxury fashion brand Bottega Veneta hosted a three-day event from the 12th to the 14th of April to enable cultural exchanges through art, perfect for the month of Ramadan and everything this holiday stands for.

Bottega Veneta-The Square Dubai
Courtesy of Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta created a custom square space called “The Square Dubai” designed by Carl Gerges, a Lebanese architect and musician. This event was hosted as a fun way to have and encourage cultural exchanges within the community. The interactions were portrayed in various art forms and featured a film screening, cuisine, musical performances, poetry, and storytelling.

The Square Dubai had a great group of diverse and talented contributors who took part in this event, including Lebanese architect and musician Carl Gerges, Yemeni East-African visual-story-teller Shaima Al Tamimi, Sudanese-British spoken-word poet Asma Al Badawi, and Canadian poet and songwriter known by the stage-name ‘Mustafa the Poet,’ and Lebanese singer, songerwriter and music editor Samer Doumet.

The cultural event was so successful and powerful and just further emphasises the brand’s ongoing dedication to create a reputable identity for itself as more than a fashion brand. The event will also be expanding to other locations worldwide, including Tokyo, San Francisco, Shanghai, and Sao Paulo as of now.