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Despite having South Korean roots, the Blackpink girl group’s fame has recently spread throughout the world, making the members an international pop sensation. Since the group’s 2016 debut, it has gathered a huge fan base, shattered numerous records, and signed high-profile partnerships with well-known brands and organisations. Ever since they rose to fame, the Blackpink members, Rosé, Jennie, Lalisa and Jisoo have been spotted wearing unique designs by luxury labels including Valentino, Prada, Gucci and others. Currently, all four members are the brand ambassadors for French luxury fashion houses, with Lisa representing Celine, Jisoo Representing Dior, Rosé representing Saint Laurent and Jennie representing Chanel. It must be fascinating to determine which Blackpink member you are based on your wardrobe, as each of the group’s four members has their own unique sense of style. Read on to find out more.


The 23-year-old Korean-New Zealand singer and dancer, Rosé’s aesthetic brings a nostalgic feeling as she combines schoolgirl style with a hint of luxury ’90s diva fashion. If your closet is full of vintage tops, jeans and jackets, then she best reflects your sense of style and you can flaunt how your aesthetic matches with one of the most popular Blackpink members’.


The vocalist and rapper, Jennie, is a street style favourite among the fandom, thanks to her chic attire. If her passion for gothic glamour wasn’t already apparent from her off-duty appearances or live performance looks, then a glance at her Instagram profile will make it so. If you enjoy wearing daring accessories, edgy clothing, and mostly dark-coloured attire, you are Jennie from Blackpink.


The South Korean actress and singer, Jisoo, best known as the member of the top selling K-pop girls group Blackpink combines feminine and edgy pieces to create her own unique sense of style. If you have an edgy-feminine approach towards fashion, you’re probably this Blackpink member.


With 83 Million followers, Lisa has the largest Instagram following of all the four Blackpink members. The K-pop star has the most distinctive fashion sense from the rest of the group members and that has made her the most notable member from the world-famous group. You may identify Lisa from Blackpink by your quirky eye makeup, sleek hairstyles, and subtle nod to punk fashion in your everyday attire.