There’s a lot to admire about the festive season but Christmas gift giving is one of the most beloved traditions that we all look forward to. From offices indulging in the annual ‘Secret Santa’ gift exchange ritual to people spoiling their loved ones with the most special presents, this season is all about expressing love to your friends and family. As exciting as it may sound, it can be quite challenging to decide on a gift for someone that is dear to you, but don’t worry, this luxury Christmas gift guide (for her) is everything you need if you like to spoil your loved ones with the most luxurious pieces or simply just want to master the art of gift-giving. Here are all the brands that have you covered with their personalised gift wrapping for each purchase you make.


MOUAWAD Diamond Necklace, Dhs25,464, SHOP NOW
MOUAWAD Diamond Ring, Dhs1,561,370, SHOP NOW


FABERGÉ Mother Of Pearl Rose Surprise Locket, Dhs52,080, SHOP NOW
FABERGÉ Black Enamel Seal Pup Surprise Locket, Dhs52,080, SHOP NOW


CARTIER Chain Bag Mini, Panthère De Cartier,Dhs10,800, SHOP NOW
CARTIER Leve Bracelet 18K Yellow Gold, Dhs26,400, SHOP NOW 



GUCCI Blondie Women’s Mid-Heel Pump, Dhs4,250, SHOP NOW
GUCCI Marmont Leather Belt, Dhs2,150, SHOP NOW 
GUCCI Jacquard Knit Scarf With Tassels, Dhs2,050, SHOP NOW


CHANEL Sublimage Le Coffret La Collection Des Extraits, Dhs3,265, SHOP NOW
CHANEL Square Sunglasses, Dhs2,140, SHOP NOW


SWAROVSKI Cocktail Watch, Dhs1,330, SHOP NOW
SWAROVSKI Tennis Deluxe V Mixed Set, Dhs1,465, SHOP NOW


COLLECTIVE AFRICA Gisel B Ted Earrings, Dhs1,100, SHOP NOW


BULGARI Serpenti Spiga Watch (18 kt rose gold case set with diamonds) , SHOP NOW
BULGARI Serpenti Forever Crossbody Bag, Dhs14,000, SHOP NOW