Bella Hadid Kin 2021
Instagram @bellahadid

Bella Hadid is gearing up to expand her footprint into the world of beverages.

Hadid debuted her newest drink brand, Kin Euphorics, in an Instagram post earlier today, sharing an array of images featuring herself and her co-founder Jen Batchelor. The duo wore matching dress shirts, with Hadid captioning the image, “CREATION IS MY LOVE LANGUAGE”, and the fact that I get to do it with my kindered spirit, soul sister, @jenofkin is one of the most magical parts! I am officially the Co-Founder, Partner and COO, of our baby… @KinEuphorics As Jen would say, we are the first braincare beverage & the first drink to sit boldly at the intersection of feeling good & living well. science + magic. 🔅🔆”

Bella continued to elaborate on the true benefits of Kin and how no matter who you are or what you do – Kin is for you.

The wellness brand was initially founded by Jen Batchelor, bringing on Bella Hadid as a co-founder, partner, and COO. The non-alcoholic beverage containing ingredients like reishi mushrooms, roseroot and gaba, prides itself in being a healthy boost of creativity, concentration and overall wellness. Kin was born to experiment and transform your drinking into a conscious act of better being.

This feel-good, de-stress mood-boosting drink is available in specific stores with plans to expand globally. The wellness brands next goal is to infuse lavender grown residue from the Hadid family farm in Pennsylvania. But for now, Bella’s current product list consists of Lightwave, Skin Spritz and Sample Packs with a price range of Dhs110. This post will be updated when more news on the brand is released.