Kayali Eden Juicy Apple, Supplied

Kayali is Mona Kattan‘s brainchild, a beautiful concoction of vibrant fragrances that allude to a sense of sophistication. It took six years to bring this concept to life, and now three years since its launch, and so the brand’s success story speaks for itself.

Kayali Eden Juicy Apple, Supplied

With four signature scents currently available, Mona is finally releasing a brand new scent. Eden Juicy Apple 01 is Kayali’s newest fragrance. Centered around the temptation, sweetness, and crisp bite surrounding the apple, Eden is a juicy potion with top notes of red apple, black currant, pink grapefruit and lychee.

“I wanted to create something bold, fresh and youthful, and the juicy red apple note is so unique and captures this mood perfectly. As soon as you spray this delicious juice, you’re going to be totally addicted!” says Mona Kattan about her newest addition to the Kayali fragrance collection.

Created with world expert noses, Gabriela Chelariu and Clement Gavarry of renowned fragrance house, Firmenich, the new scent is fun, fearless, and playful while also being deliciously tempting.

Eden Juicy Apple has middle notes of wild berries, raspberry blossoms, jasmine and rose centifolia. While the dry notes are vanilla, amber, sugared moss and musk.

Kayali Eden Juicy Apple, Supplied

To get the most out of the succulent fragrance, Mona’s perfume application tip is to “spray the fragrance on your pulse points – the inside of your wrists, behind the knees, the center of your chest, the nape of the neck, or behind the ears – as well as on your clothes for a more powerful, long-lasting scent trail.”

Kattan also shares that combining the two scents together, Eden Juicy Apple 01 and Vanilla 28 leads to “a warm, gourmand fruity floral that’s cocooning and delectable on the skin and is as tempting as a warm apple pie!”

We can’t wait to get our hands on this tangent and tasty scent! Get it online at shophudabeauty.com.