The holiday season is over and you are long due a well-deserved pampering session. And if you’ve splurged your wallets a little more than you were hoping to with all the gifting and party expenses, we’ve curated the easiest nourishing DIY beauty regimes, that can be created from your very own kitchen cupboards, all of which have natural ingredients and remedial healing purposes. Remember, using organic products doesn’t mean having to compromise on the quality of your beauty treatments. In fact, by avoiding harmful components often found within store-bought products you are highly likely to notice your skin and hair improve overall.

These treatments are affordable and for once, we know exactly what ingredients are being place on our skin and hair.


Rice water patrons have claimed many benefits of using rice water such as detangling, improving shine and the overall improvement of hair strength. It is a simple and easy treatment that has been used traditionally by both men and women for centuries. You may repeat this treatment weekly, results progress slowly but will make a huge impact after a long term usage.


2. body polish – Aloe vera & tumeric

This home-made body polish will have you instantly glowing, silky and deeply moisturised. Aloe Vera has cooling properties which assists decreasing inflammation of the skin and are age defying. A remedy that anyone can create at home within less than five minutes.

3. Face Mask – OatMEAL, Lemon & MILK

This remedy from a vintage beauty book ‘How To Attain and Retain Beauty’ published in 1935, is perfect for eliminating impurities from your pores. Also a cleanser and improves tightness of the skin. For those with dry skin, apply a small amount of daily moisturiser following rinsing.

4. DE-STRESS BATH – Himalayan rock salts

Salt is a natural cleanser helping restore the skin’s natural barrier. It easily releases toxins from within, lessening bloating and any water retention within the body. Repeat this treatment as much as you wish.

5. Lip scrub – HONEy, sugar & coconut oil

Ingredients as such will be in the majority of all of our kitchen cupboards. The advantage here is we know exactly what is going on to our lips, no harmful ingredients or ones that are being tested on animals.

6. PEdicure – Salt, lemon grass & rose petals

A pedicure at home made simple following the steps in the video above. The rose petals are will give you that tranquil salon feeling from the comfort of your home.