Whether we are escaping the mundanity of our post-restricted lives or the messiness of our social media feeds, a woman’s night time routine has become a much-needed tool to disconnect and relax. In a new series “How I Wind Down…”, we speak to lot of different women about how they prepare for a restful evening.

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Michelle Battersby has earned a reputation for thinking outside of the box. After she sat the helm of marketing for groundbreaking Australian businesses such as online dating app Bumble, and health and wellness app Keep It Cleaner, Battersby launched her own business as the co-founder and CMO for Sunroom in 2020. The new-age platform is a digital space for women and non-binary people to create content and earn money away from the constraints of traditional media like Instagram and Facebook. Unsurprisingly, the app is growing rapidly so winding down at the end of the day is extremely important for the busy co-founder.

While her business is new and exciting, Battersby’s nighttime routine is just like ours. Think cult skincare and trashy reality television. Below the businesswoman takes GRAZIA through every step of her nighttime routine.

GRAZIA: Can you describe your nighttime beauty routine?

“Whilst I dislike showering at night, I am a big believer in always washing your face! I love a liquid exfoliant, I am using an incredible one from Trinny Beauty at the moment. from there I use an Estée Lauder vitamin C with the Estée lauder advanced night repair. Putting on a really luxe eye cream is a bit of a treat for me or a face mask if I feel like I need some TLC.”

How do you wind down after a busy day?

“I really need to numb my brain and take time to truly not think about work. For me the best way to do this is to watch reality TV. I’ll make myself a herbal tea and watch the real housewives.”

How do you decorate your space to assist in falling asleep?

“I am probably more focussed on waking up than I am falling asleep to be honest. We have sheer blinds so my room is overly optimal for falling asleep but I enjoy waking up early to natural light so our room always has a bit of a glow in it that I enjoy.”

What time do you go to sleep?

“Midnight, a little too late!”

Do you plan the next day’s look the night before or in the morning? If so, what’s your go-to look for an easy morning the next day?

“I don’t plan my outfits, I tend to grab whatever I set my sight on first but my go to is a pair of jeans, loose T-shirt and air forces. It’s a casually put together type of look.”