We’re just going to go ahead and say it – Amazon have created everyone’s fantasy with their latest advertisement for the Alexa smart assistant. In the clip, which will be shown in the coveted Super Bowl advertising slot, sees the virtual PA in a corporal form – namely that of actor and perennial dreamboat Michael B. Jordan.

The minute-long spot features an Amazon employee considering what it would be like to give Alexa a real body. She spots a poster on the side of a passing bus with Jordan, which sends her imagination off kilter with the actor as the “beautiful vessel”. In her fantasies, Jordan takes the place of the smart speaker in the employee’s home, turning traditionally mundane tasks into seriously sexy activities.

The ensuing scenes are equal parts hilarious, and dare we say it – extremely horny. Jordan seductively recites ingredients as the Amazon employee cooks, reads a book to her in a romantic bubble bath, and takes off his shirt as he “turns down the lights”.

The funniest sequence, however, occurs as Jordan stands in the garden while the employee commands him to turn on the sprinklers. As Jordan stands soaking wet, the employee’s confused husband says, “Honey, I already ran the sprinklers – things are getting way too wet around here!”

Ah yeah, we’ll say they are.

Fans and Jordan’s showbiz contemporaries reacted to the sizzling clip with understandable enthusiasm, while many wondered if Amazon would really be offering Jordan’s voice on the smart device in the near future. Unfortunately that doesn’t appear to be the case – at least not yet – which we feel is blatantly unfair given the audience was just teased in such a spectacular fashion.

For now, the only person on the receiving end of Jordan’s sweet nothings will remain his girlfriend, Lori Harvey. The pair went Instagram offical a few weeks ago, sending Harvey straight to the top of our ‘women we want to come back as’ lists.