If anyone knows tanning like the back of their hand (or mitt), it’s Elle Ferguson. Even in the cold, dark depths of winter, the style blogger and founder of tanning brand, Elle Effect, is forever gloriously golden from (long) limb to limb.

With Spring on the horizon and the sun beckoning, now is the time to consider your faux tan more than ever. Skirts are getting shorter. Tops are getting skimpier. Before we know it, our shoulders and shins and even midriffs (for the brave) will be out, flirting with the Australian summer.

But alas, pale and sickly with the wrath of a (very) cold winter, limbs need a good dose of bronze to bring us back to life. In beauty speak, it’s the easiest way to fake it till you make it – a deep, dark faux tan. And no one knows how to tan better than Elle.

With mitt and mousse in hand, Elle enlightens us with a little fake tanning gospel, straight from the book of Elle Effect.

Babe, it’s time to get bronzed.

ELLE’S TAN Commandments:
1. Exfoliation is key. Before you tan you want to use an exfoliating glove over your whole body to remove old tan and dead skin cells. This prepares your skin for an even, longer lasting tan. (remember waxing exfoliates the skin to so if you need to wax make sure this is done at least 24 hours prior to your tan).
2. Remember moisturiser, deodorant and perfume effect the way the tan takes to your skin so make sure you have none of these on. Just clean skin.
3. Use the ELLE EFFECT mitt to apply your tan. A little goes a long way and BLEND!
4. Start with one layer and build to your desired tan depth. Thin layers dry quickly and allow you to control your colour
5. Hands and feet should be the last areas you tan. Use the excess tan on your mitt to cover these areas and remember to blend between fingers and toes. You want a natural glow so don’t go overboard on these areas.
6. The Elle Effect Tan Mousse is PERFECT for your face so don’t be scared. Start in the middle of your face and blend out to your jaw line. Ensure that you work all the way down your neck. The Aloe juice keeps your skin extra hydrated
7. Wash your tan off anywhere between 4-8hrs(we at Elle Effect HQ prefer to sleep in our tan). When showering do not use any soap or shower gels in your first shower. Use your hands to smooth off the tan under the water. Pat down your skin when you get out of the shower and remember not to have long hot showers and baths with your freshly tanned bod.
8. Moisture is key to a great tan so ensure you are moisturising twice a day with a thick cream. Avoid body oils as this will remove your tan
9. Naturally your tan will fade we like to reapply to our face every three days especially in winter!

10. Lastly the best night of the week is tan night!