Travelling during summer – especially after the last few years we’ve all had – is an irrefutable blessing. Being able to explore the world again after spending so long stuck in our home states is an incredible privilege, but I’ve also come to the stark realisation that I’m no longer match-fit when it comes to travel.

While I’ve been back and forth to different states, international travel – especially over summer in the Northern hemisphere – presented a new challenge that I wasn’t entirely prepared for. How could I pack light to avoid unwanted over-baggage charges, while still maintaining my beauty routine?

I got the skincare situation sorted (travel sizes of all my favourites were available, thankfully!) but when it came to tanning, I was pretty stumped. I didn’t want to take my whole fake tan kit with me – mostly for fear of my tanning mousse exploding in my luggage and staining all my clothes, but also because I wholeheartedly believe holiday travel should be simple – so I was thrilled to find a compact, zero-effort solution.

Say hello to the new Glow Recipe x Isle of Paradise Glow In Paradise Kit, a limited edition collaboration between two iconic beauty brands.

fake tan while travelling
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The special pairing brings together Glow Recipe’s ultra lightweight Watermelon Glow PinkJuice Moisturizer with Isle of Paradise’s Self-Tanning Drops. All you have to do is add a few drops of Isle of Paradise’s tanning drops to the Glow Recipe moisturiser, mix it together and apply it to your skin, and you’ve got a quick and easy way to tan while travelling, without having to needing all your fake tan accoutrements in tow.


How to fake tan while travelling – the lazy girl’s guide! I’m always over baggage so these are a lifesaver 🤌🏼 #beautyeditor #faketantips #faketanroutine #faketan #isleofparadise

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The moisturiser leaves a cooling effect on the skin meaning it’s perfect for soaring temps, while the drops negate the need for a dedicated tanning mousse or lotion. It’s also easy to top-up, as you can add a 2-3 drops to the moisturiser for a consistent daily glow, or add a few more every few days, depending on your desired level of glow.

I blend and apply with my hands to avoid travelling with a mitt, but always make sure that you wash them immediately after to avoid stains.

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