There is perhaps no beauty treatment as transformative as a brow treatment. From shaping to tinting to everything in between, a pair of professionally sculpted arches can transform your entire face – and nobody knows this better than the brow experts at Amy Jean Brows.

The salons, led by founder and brow pioneer Amy Jean Linnehan, are internationally renowned for their innovative offering – such as their latest, the ColourLast treatment. ColourLast is said to offer brows an extended tint time over regular brow dye, thanks to a fusion of permanent hair dye with skin staining properties that deliver a plush, velvety finish to the brows.

Team GRAZIA took the new treatment for a spin at Amy Jean’s chic Double Bay outpost.

Kate Lancaster, Beauty Editor

“I’ve been an Amy Jean devotee ever since I first set foot in the salon’s Privée space on Castlereagh Street in Sydney. Since moving to Melbourne, I’ve had a strict lash lift and brow sculpt appointment with the East Melbourne team that I never miss. So when I heard the salon would be rolling out a new brow treatment, I was excited to try it out with AJ herself on a recent trip to Sydney.

ColourLast is a lot like the traditional Brow Sculpt appointments offered in the salons, but the new tint is said to last much longer than a regular one. After shaping my brows with wax, AJ then applied the tint, using a lighter hand in certain areas to create a full, fluffy look to the brows with hair-like strokes.

colourlast brow treatment review
GRAZIA’s Beauty Editor Kate trying ColourLast

Credit: Kate Lancaster

I was immediately impressed with the incredible definition that ColourLast gave to my brows, but the real magic came in the days and weeks later. I could easily skip any and all brow products in my everyday makeup routine, as my arches remained permanently filled-in for almost a month – a huge bonus for lazy girls like me.

Since my first visit with AJ for ColourLast, I’ve been back three times for a touch-up. It’s a nice half-way point between a brow tattoo and a tint, in that one treatment accomplishes the feat of requiring next-to-zero brow styling for multiple weeks, without the semi-permanent commitment of tattooing.

colourlast brow treatment review
AFTER Amy Jean’s ColourLast Brow Treatment
Credit: Kate Lancaster

I’ve since been travelling in Los Angeles and New York for close to three weeks, and my ColourLast brows have shown no signs of fading. In the image above, I’m in LA after more than a week past my last top-up and there’s not a single bit of product used on my brows. They don’t look too done or block-like either – just suspiciously perfect brows. Obsessed!”

Jessica Bailey, Editorial Director

“I was a youthful twenty-something when I first discovered the power of an Amy Jean groomed brow. Naïve, I didn’t realise at the time how much ultra-fluffy, soft-yet-defined arches could really frame my eyes. They appeared bigger, brighter, and my face was suddenly more angular. But when I talk about the “power” of an AJ brow, it’s really a feeling. I felt more confident. And as a young writer tottering into the hallways of 54 Park Street for work each day (and sharing elevators with glamorous editors), that feeling was invaluable. Here is a photo from the day.”

Editorial Director Jess after her first visit to an Amy Jean salon
Credit: Jessica Bailey

“Post a recent European trip, I called into Amy Jean’s Double Bay suite to renew my unruly brow silhouette. Her newest offering, ColourLast fuses permanent dye with skin staining properties that (like AJ’s brow work did all those years ago) created bold, fluffy brows and completely redefined and reframed my face. But this time, the colour lasted a lot longer! Coupled with a brow sculpt (which comes with a ColourLast treatment), the 30-45 minute treatment was divine. AJ knew my shade just by looking at me, and I definitely felt that same wave I felt all those years ago post a visit with her; more put together, and more glamorous like those editors in the elevators!”

“In the ‘after’ picture below, my brows were finished with Amy Jean’s Privée’s Daily Brow Mask, a revolutionary leave-in eyebrow treatment which deeply nourishes the follicles and stimulates growth – a brow artistry wand for home, if you will. Remember upward and outward so the hair sits flush against the skin! It was launched during lockdown and I couldn’t recommend it more for yourself or a gift. See ‘before’ and ‘after’ pics below.”

BEFORE Amy Jean’s ColourLast Treatment
Credit: Jessica Bailey
AFTER Amy Jean’s ColourLast Treatment
Credit: Jessica Bailey

“If your eyes are the window to your soul, brows shape them and are a large part of your character. We really do need to take better care of them!”

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