For some of us, our lashes simply refuse to stay curled despite all our best efforts. No matter how long our eyelashes are or how much clamping we do, many of us find ourselves with stubbornly flat lashes – but not anymore, thanks to TikTok‘s latest lash curling hack.

Popular TikTok creator @paintedbyspencer has shared his trick to getting XXL lashes that stretch skyward – and the good news is, you might already have the secret just hanging out in your beauty bag. The makeup artist promises in the caption that it “works every time” so let’s break it down.


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To get “the most insane curl out of your lashes”, Spencer recommends adding in a little extra step to your eyelash routine – a clear brow gel. “Before you apply any mascara or curl your lashes, you’re gonna grab your clear brow gel,” he says in the video. “You’re going to run just the smallest amount through the root of your lash.”

Delicately lifting his upper lid, Spencer then places the brow gel wand at the base of his lashes and slightly wiggles it to coat the root, avoiding bringing the gel up to the ends of the lash. After waiting a few moments for the brow gel to dry, Spencer then curls the lashes with a heated lash curler, immediately adding some serious elevation to the eyes.

A coat of mascara delivers an immediate eye-popping effect, which Spencer swears by. “It’s the only thing that keeps my lashes curled all day long,” he says, adding that it’s “literally life-changing”.


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♬ original sound – SPENCER

You can try the technique yourself at home, using any clear brow gel – Spencer used the Benefit 24 Hour Brow Setter Clear Brow Gel ($45) – and a lash curler, before finishing with your favourite mascara.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a heated lash curler however, as Spencer revealed that he simply warms his up with a lighter – but perhaps it’s best to play it safe with that one and use a hair dryer instead.