brow pomade pencil
Credit: Instagram/@taylor_hill

Brows are subjective, but the general consensus these days seems to be that the fuller and fluffier your arches, the better. While we once pined for pin-thin brows back in the 90s and early 00s, the flattering effect of a natural, neatly groomed brow has become universally appreciated.

That isn’t to say that there aren’t different iterations depending on your preference – some prefer the feathery look of a laminated brow (or soap brows, for those that opt for the less permanent style), while others love the shapely filled-in aesthetic that usually comes courtesy of a pot of pomade or powder.

I’ve always felt like I fell somewhere in the middle. I like my brows to look natural, but as I have a few sparse areas, I prefer a little more structure than a brushed-up style can provide. However finding the right product to use can prove tricky, as I often find gels or pencils offer too little coverage, while powders or pomades tend to be a little too rich in pigment for my arches.

I would often use a combination of all three to find the balance, that is until I found a happy medium – the pomade pencil.

When my very own arch angel Amy Jean, founder of the eponymous Amy Jean Brow Agency, launched a brow pomade pencil, I was intrigued. It promised the softness of a pomade with the subtle application of a pencil, so I was eager to give it a go. As soon as I drew the very first stroke through my brows, I knew this was the perfect solution to my needlessly extensive brow routine.

The diamond-shaped tip of the pencil makes application outrageously easy and precise (read: foolproof for hasty hands who want to shape and set, fast), while the flexible matte finish leaves my arches perfectly defined without looking too ‘done’. It also keeps them looking fluffy, not flat – which is particularly important when crafting an effortless arch.

I’ve since set the rest of my routine to the side in favour of the Amy Jean Pomade Pencil, which has cut my mirror time down drastically. If like me, you’re looking for the halfway point between brushed-up and heavily pigmented arches, a brow pomade pencil might just be the solution. Shop a few of our favourites below, from luxe to less.

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