The bleach brow brigade has two new recruits, as Julia Fox recently joined Amelia Hamlin with a fresh set of platinum arches. After Hamlin began bleaching her eyebrows a striking blonde hue last month, Fox followed suit by tinting her naturally brunette brows a similar platinum shade, with the two posing together with their matching arches on a recent night out.

Fox has always been one for polarising beauty looks, but her latest transformation lends a chic edge to her avant-garde makeup aesthetic. Since bleaching her brows, she’s also gone on to emulate the classic 90s brow over the last week, etching in a pin-thin set of Pamela Anderson-esque arches for an evening event.

The actress made sure her bleached brows took centre stage in the makeup look, which featured sculptural eyeliner that swooped upwards from her inner brow line and circled around her brow before connecting to the winged liner along her lashline.

Oh, and in case you were wondering who could accomplish such an artistic feat? Well Fox revealed that the impressive look was all her own handiwork – which perhaps shouldn’t be surprising given her recent tutorial for the model’s trademark charcoal eye makeup.

It’s a tough look to pull off, so we’ll commend Fox’s considerable skills. She’s since been playing with the proportions of her brows for photo shoots, including a recent spread for Vogue Czechoslovakia.

As GRAZIA reported last year, the bleached brow trend has been on the rise for some time. According to data from Pinterest, searches for ‘bleached eyebrows’ are up a whopping 160 per cent.

TikTok users tend to agree, with the hashtag #bleachedbrows garnering more than 68.8 million views – that’s up a huge 41 million views since this time last year – and many users searching for simple DIY options to tint their own arches at home.

We’re here for it, but if you are going to DIY this one – make sure you read this first to get it right.