Art: Zhenya

It’s difficult to pinpoint the factors that turn a regular handbag into an icon, but few styles have done more to earn the moniker than the Fendi Baguette. Designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi back in 1997, the rectangular top-handle design quickly became a defining piece of the 90s, dubbed the ‘Baguette’ because it was designed to be tucked underneath the arm like a Parisian leaving the boulangerie. Many go so far as to argue that that the Baguette’s immediate, unparalleled cult appeal made it the first true “It” bag, a fact immortalized by Sex and The City, when Carrie Bradshaw adamantly declared “This isn’t a bag, it’s a Baguette.” Now, more than two decades on, and the Baguette continues to tantalize the world’s most stylish women, from Kate Moss to Zoë Kravitz and Gigi Hadid. Updated for the new generation in candy-colored hues like bubblegum pink and seafoam green, owning the Fendi Baguette is to own a piece of fashion history.

This is Fendi’s new work of art.