Fendi peekaboo bag
Design: Dané Stojanovic

The making of an icon is no simple feat. In fact, it takes a certain level of greatness, a certain savoir faire, and indeed, star quality. It’s all these attributes which make up Fendi’s leather icon, the Peekaboo Bag, a legend in the world of leather goods, so great, it has seen iteration after iteration, each equally as sublime as before.

But to truly understand how an icon becomes an icon, one must take a peek inside the inner workings of its soul, or in this case, construction. Thankfully, Fendi has done just that.

In a new video by the House, the craftsmanship of the Peekaboo Bag is revealed. Its central protagonists are three one-of-a-kind workmanships; the “Laser-Cut”, the “Interlace” and the “Intarsio”, also known as inlay.

The video takes us on a creative voyage through the life of the Bag: from its early conception to its masterful artisanship, it shines a light on both the traditional labours and modern 3D technologies that give rise to Fendi’s icon.

It’s also a wonderful example of how the Women’s and Men’s worlds collide, presenting both the Peekaboo X-Lite for Men’s with the ‘Laser-Cut’ workmanship, the Peekaboo for Men’s where Selleria stitching is combined with the ‘Intarsio’ fur workmanship, and the Women’s Peekaboo, in its Large and Mini versions, with the leather ‘Interlace’’ workmanship.

To the soundtrack of hip-hop trap, the process of the Peekaboo Bag comes alive at the majestic Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, Fendi’s headquarters in Rome. From its nonpareil handiwork to the way the House treats precious materials such as leather and fur, techniques both past and present are underscored most beautifully.

And of course, the fil rouge of the film is that iconic Fendi yellow – a distinctive trademark of the Roman Maison.

Part of the Fendi DNA, the Peekaboo Bag is an icon to own – and have for an eternity. Now take a peek below and see for yourself…


Fendi Peekaboo bag

Fendi Peekaboo bag

PEEKABOO ICONIC LARGE, fendi, $10,900. shop now