Photo Credit: @haileybieber on Instagram

Not to be dramatic, but we need to talk about Hailey Bieber’s new eyebrows.

In a new Instagram post, the model looked incredible in a sexy lace-up Dundas dress, her hair slicked back, little-to-no makeup, and… the thinnest eyebrows we’ve seen in a long, long time. This isn’t cause for alarm, but just like the return of low-rise jeans, we must categorically reject the caterpillar brows of the 1990s making a return. Our parents’ generation has been warning us away from the tweezers for a while, I just thought we had learned from the mistakes of our elders.


Bieber has since posted images of herself on Instagram with her more traditional thick brows since this image, making it clear that the Jessica Rabbit brows were a makeup trick rather than Bieber getting a little too friendly with her Tweezerman after a glass of wine. (Just me? Oh, okay.) Instead, her brows have a sort of “pinched” kind of look — as in the bottom of the arch and the top of the arch have been brushed and set together in the middle of the brow line, giving a much thinner appearance to the brow. Our heart rate is lowering, we’re calming down, our anger is subsiding now that we know that Bieber was just playing around, having a joke. She would never, ever, ever tweeze off all of her eyebrows, no sir.

Regardless of whether or not Bieber wants to send us all to an early grave with her shocking brow look, she always knows how to keep people buzzing. This photo may not haVe us running to Tweeze City, but t does have us digging in our makeup cabinets for our favorite brow serum, because the sheen on Bieber’s brow is the real trend we should all be focusing on right now.