Image credit: Biden Beauty
Image credit: Biden Beauty

We’re 28 days out from the U.S. presidential election and things are tense. Trump has COVID, the debate was appalling, and the race to the White House has hit fever pitch. At this point in the game, everything is political. Even the beauty industry, namely an underground label called Biden Beauty.

Referred to as ‘the year’s most important influencer brand,’ Biden Beauty has launched one beauty product – a makeup blender sponge selling for $20 – as well as merch like sweatshirts, tote bags and buttons. The best part? 100 per cent of the proceeds are going towards the Democratic National Committee and the Biden/Harris presidential campaign effort.

Sadly, Biden Beauty isn’t packed by Democratic candidate Joe Biden himself, but an anonymous group of beauty industry folk who are using beauty as a tool to strip Trump of a second Presidential term.

It’s safe to say they’ve got our support.

According to a press release from the brand as reported on by Fashionista, Biden Beauty’s aim is to “spread awareness and enthusiasm to get all Americans to the polls and to vote Blue… Let’s cancel out orange for good, the only way beauty knows how — with color-correcting blue.”

Basically if you need a new makeup sponge, might we suggest you buy Biden’s?

We’ll leave you with the brand’s Instagram bio: “America’s softest face is also its toughest… Blend it like Biden. 💙🍦😎👍🏼”