A new innovation unveiled at CES 2022 makes home haircolor near-foolproof (photo: Getty Images)

After last year’s digital event format, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is back on the ground in Las Vegas IRL this week, with more than 2,200 vendors scheduled to showcase the most exciting near-future technology and gadget launches—including in the beauty and personal care space. Ahead of CES, L’Oréal has unveiled one of its most exciting new innovations in home haircolor—the Colorsonic wand, which makes DIY hair dye near-foolproof.

Over the course of this now-years-long pandemic, the company, which is a market leader in DIY hair dye, saw its at-home coloring business grow six percent. And while consumers may be self-coloring more than ever before, they continue to struggle with hair dye application, bathroom messes, and spotty results. Enter the Colorsonic.

L’Oréal unveils innovative at-home coloring tool at CES2022 (photo: Courtesy L’Oréal)

Developed over five years, the Colorsonic wand custom-mixes developer and formula to create 40 different shades of haircolor that customers can choose from the soon-to-launch Colorsonic website. DIY hair colorists can brush the Colorsonic wand from root to ends and the ‘oscillating nozzle’ moves 300 times in a zig-zag pattern each minute to coat the hair evenly and quickly. The entire coloring process takes approximately 30 minutes, whereafter the color and developer cartridges can be removed and stored for future touch-ups.

“Our century-long, deep experience and leadership in haircoloration has allowed our researchers, data scientists and tech engineers to completely revisit and reinvent the haircoloring experience for both: at home with Colorsonic, a unique user-designer reusable device allowing a precise vibrant result of haircoloration, and for hair stylists with Coloright, the most personalized and advanced experience in hair salons to achieve desired haircolor results anywhere in the world,” L’Oréal Deputy Chief Executive Officer in Charge of Research, Innovation, and Technology Barbara Lavernos said in a statement.

L’Oréal will also debut Coloright at CES this week. Coloright is an AI-powered professional salon system that enables stylists to create custom haircolor for their clients.