the row scents
Photo of The Row scents

Since its launch in 2006, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s The Row has upheld uniquely relaxed, timeless, and elegant designs that have garnered a stylish global appeal. The sister duo are now employing their minimalist aesthetic and attention to detail and quality found in The Row’s collection to a new category. Today the NYC-based brand has announced they are launching a trio of scents that are The Row–woman approved.

The hand-blended oils are in collaboration with Native Los Angeles fragrance designer Haley Alexander Van Oosten, who founded L’Oeil du Vert. “We met Haley through her company, L’Oeil du Vert,” Ashley says, in an interview with WSJ. “We started wearing her oils, and the idea of creating something together was a natural progression of our relationship.” The Olsens and Van Oosten define the line by a single-phase, “Pasa-thea Cale,” meaning one beautiful to all. Each oil offers its wearer a distinct olfactory experience.

The three scents titled R, O, and W (very cute, might we add) explore the elusive essence of Sandalwood while evoking different experiences. R, joined by fresh Tobacco leaves, burnt Esfand seeds, and Rose, offers Sandalwood’s warm embrace. O, joined by Blue Water Lily, Olibanum, and Orris, offers its power to envision. W, joined by Amber, Champa, and Incense woods, offers its uplifting support to expand.

After recently launching childrenswear in September and menswear in 2018, expanding in fragrances ultimately seems like the next step for the inimitable founders of The Row. The oil trios are now available only in The Row boutiques in London, New York, and Los Angeles.