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A clip from Telfar’s recent video teaser shared via Instagram.

UPDATE 03/22/2021 EST: Telfar hasn’t formally shared the drop date of its highly anticipated Bag Security Program II just yet, and the internet is confused. According to the message in the sky seen in New York City on March 20, the drop date is March 30. But per a second skywritten message seen in Los Angeles on March 21, shoppers should mark their calendars for May 30. Stay tuned as we await clarity from the brand.

Los Angeles:

new york:

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 03/19/2021 EST: In the rare case that you haven’t changed your weekend plans already due to Telfar’s latest announcement, consider this article your warning. Today, the Brooklyn-based fashion label nearly broke Instagram with an announcement detailing the iconic way in which it’s unveiling its Bag Security Program II drop date. On Saturday—tomorrow—at 1 p.m., the brand suggests fans watch the sky over Manhattan and share a photo or video of what they see on social media. The best 50 reactions get a free bag. 

Confused? Let’s backtrack. The Bag Security Program is a 24-hour unlimited preorder for all sizes and colors of Telfar Clemens’ famed Shopping Bag (you might know it as the Bushwick Birkin). The designer introduced this offer last August, and unsurprisingly, the internet went wild since it’s nearly impossible to add one of his bags to your cart on a normal day. Take a quick scroll through the Telfar website right now, and you’ll see that it’s sold out in every single color of the rainbow.

The best part of the Bag Security Program is that you don’t have to keep it secret from anyone because every single person who orders within 24 hours will receive a bag. Since we don’t know all of the details just yet, we can’t confirm how long it will take to receive yours once you place your order, but for reference, shoppers received last August’s purchases before January 15, 2021. It’s certainly worth the wait if you’re no stranger to the stress of a new product drop.

Finally, fear not if you live outside of New York. Even though the date reveal is happening in Manhattan, the Bag Security Program II will be available globally. More to come as the story develops. And hey—remember to wear sunscreen and sunglasses tomorrow. Love, a Telfar and SPF-obsessed fashion and beauty editor.