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Though Chloe Fineman broke out in the business years ago, she’s still floored by the opportunities she’s received over the years. “It’s an honor to even be considered a woman in comedy. I think of myself as a character actor more than anything, but there’s freedom that comes with it. I think that’s why I got into comedy in the first place because you’re not pigeon holed into anything. You get to be anybody and do anything,” the 34-year-old, who is starring as Günter, NÜTRL‘s new spokesperson and the brand’s first vodka seltzer sommelier in their campaign, “NÜTRL. The One with the Umlaut,” exclusively tells GRAZIA USA.

Prior to making it big on Saturday Night Live — she’s well known for memorable impressions, including Drew Barrymore, Carole Baskin, Reese Witherspoon, Britney Spears and more — the actress performed in The Groundlings troupe’s Sunday Company and in “Characters Welcome” at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. From there, she was announced as a feature player for SNL in 2019.

As for how she hopes to inspire the next generation of comedians, she wants them to take note of her “fearlessness.”

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“I didn’t get into comedy until my late 20s. I think I was 26 or 27 when I took my first improv class. I went to NYU and wanted to do theater. I wanted to be a dramatic actress. When Bridesmaids came out, I was 25 or 25, and I was like, ‘I didn’t know someone could do that.’ Obviously SNL was around, but that movie was such an inspiration. There was a renaissance in my late 20s with all my friends going into comedy. I think just existing is inspiring to others.”

Fineman is still blown away by her success and feels lucky with where she’s landed. “I am grateful anytime anyone lets me do anything,” she gushes. “It’s sort of surreal. Every day I am like, ‘I cannot believe I can do this.’ I recently wrapped a Francis Ford Coppola movie with all these geniuses — and then I work on SNL with even more geniuses. It’s never lost on me the incredible and brilliant people I get to work with — whether it’s cast members on the show or when Aubrey Plaza hosted or Pedro Pascal. You become better as an artist and comedian. Being able to appear on SNL makes you step your game up and that inspires me.”

The writer also notes that when she records her own videos, she is typically improvising — and she does so in some movies she’s been lucky enough to be in. “Pretty much every director has been open to me popping off,” she quips.

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Fineman even got to improv in the new NÜTRL campaign where she plays Günter. “I am a simple woman, and I love this drink a lot. It’s vodka, seltzer and real juice — so that alone was appealing. The brand was so open about me creating this character. I also got to have my best friend with me on-set and we ad-libbed a bunch, which also made it into the campaign. It was a really hilarious two days of filming. I love what I do, and imitating people is the way I make people laugh. Everyone was laughing on set — there’s nothing better than that.”


She adds, “It was a big highlight for me, and NÜTRL, which is the No. 2 spirits-based seltzer brand on the market, is so delicious! It’s a wonderful drink — and I hope all the girls at the parties drink it.”

From nabbing commercials to appearing on the small and big screen, Fineman is just getting started. “There’s always a lot of little things in the fire. I’m excited for this commercial to come out — it’s my first commercial! There’s movies and SNL and hopefully playing more fun characters on the show. But also focusing on movies, movies, movies,” she says. “I definitely gravitate toward dark comedy — that’s my sweet spot, but I think anything that shows a new side is exciting.”

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