seth rogan vase
Credit: Instagram/@sethrogen

Anissa Kermiche. Natalie Weinberger. Seth Rogen? In case the link between these three is unclear (understandable), Rogen has become somewhat of a ceramicist. As his social media accounts reveal, the actor and comedian has gotten well into pottery this year, but he’s actually been working on his clay shapes since April 2019.

The months in isolation appear to have only strengthened his hobby, setting up his own home studio with wife Lauren Miller and their kiln, dubbed Brad Pitt – who is also a clay enthusiast – by Rogen because “it’s hot as f*ck.”

But perhaps the most surprising aspect of this story is that his pottery is actually… kinda good… and we kinda want to buy it. We’re not alone though – there’s currently a petition circling for Rogen to start peddling his wares online.

seth rogen vase
Credit: Instagram/@sethrogen

Rogen keeps his followers well informed about his passion project and we can’t deny that there’s something so comforting about watching an established adult embrace a new craft with such wholesome fervor.

The star is probably best known for his vases, but he’s also dabbled in other items, such as a sake set, soap dispensers and an ashtray. “It’s very gratifying to use everyday objects that you make,” Rogen captioned a picture of the ashtray on Instagram. He tends toward colorful finishes, but also isn’t averse to a neutral set, like the saké set pictured below.

And while the petition has yet to find success, there are a number of solid Rogen-inspired iterations you can snap up for your own home. Shop our favorite vases below (and sign that petition, because we’re going to need the real thing too).

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