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Selena Gomez is using her Italian vacay to not only post body positive messages to her millions of young followers, but to have a good old fashioned flirt session with a hot Italian man.

Last week, the singer and founder of Rare Beauty posted a TikTok from her European summer holiday, declaring that  “real stomachs are coming the f*** back.”


While lying in the sun in a one-piece bikini from her collection with inclusive swimwear brand La’Mariette, Gomez mimed to the overlay of a TikTok sound, which said, “I ain’t sucking s**t in.” As she spoke to the camera in the video, which has already been viewed a whopping 15 million times, she rubbed her tummy.

Since joining the app, Gomez, who’s always been open about her mental health and illness struggles, has posted about body confidence before. In a different clip, she told her followers, “I don’t care about my weight because people b**** about it anyway. ‘You’re too small’, ‘you’re too big’, ‘that doesn’t fit’. Meh meh meh meh… I am perfect the way I am.”


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Mere hours after sharing her body positive message, Gomez, who turned 30 last month, was photographed by paparazzi having a flirtatious moment with Italian film producer Andrea Lervolino. In the images, Gomez is wearing a black one-piece swimsuit with her hair pulled back, sitting on the edge of the boat in Positano.

Lervolino, who was previously spotted with Gomez in July 2019 and is known for producing films such as “Waiting for the Barbarians” and “The Humbling,” is in the water, at one point holding her legs and smiling up at her. Gomez then holds onto his hands as she jumps into the water. 

Though it’s unclear whether these two are just friends or are romantically involved, Gomez made it clear she was single when she hosted Saturday Night Live back in May. “One reason I’m really excited to host SNL is because I’m single — and I’ve heard SNL is a great place to find romance,” she joked during her opening monologue.

 “Since I don’t really want to try the dating apps, I just want to put it in the universe that I’m manifesting love. But at this point, I would take anyone.”

Viral TikToks about loving your stomach and a hot Italian man at your feet the very next day? We truly do love to see it.