Actress Pamela Anderson Stars As Vallery Irons In The Syndicated Television Series “V.I.P.” (Photo By Getty Images)

Ever since Pamela Anderson‘s tell-all memoir Love, Pamela and Netflix documentary Pamela, a love story, came out last week, the star has been trending on social media with many applauding her decision to explain her own story in her own words. And as her fandom grows, many think she deserves to revive her acting career and fans have just the show for her — The White Lotus. The HBO hit is set to return with season 3, and many have pointed out it could be an ideal role for her.

This week, the Baywatch alum appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show and the host got right to the point asking, “Are you going to do more movies?” Barrymore paused before adding, “If we could do one together. We could both be in White Lotus.

The pair discussed Tara Watson’s now-viral tweet which has amassed thousands of retweets and likes, which said, “The only thing that will heal our broken culture is if Pamela Anderson is cast in the next season of The White Lotus as Jennifer Coolidge’s grieving sister.”

“That would be funny,” Anderson replied before Barrymore added, “I want you to be in White Lotus.” The Barb Wire actress suggested they could be sisters on the show, which caused Barrymore to dramatically pause. “Should we call Mike White?” she asked. Anderson replied, “Maybe we should call him.”

Courtesy of HBO

Anderson has yet to watch the fan-favorite series because of access issues in her native Canada, but she did say she’s “up for anything.” She added that she thinks “something great is just around the corner” and that she would “love to do something.”

Barrymore added, “I have to say, why this woman’s tweet has gone viral and why everybody’s jumped on the bandwagon is because I think that show is becoming a franchise that might be one of the most respected in this industry, and that’s where people see you.”

Anderson replied, “Wow, who woulda thought.”

The White Lotus was renewed for a third season in November. In a HBO Max post-season finale featurette, creator, writer and director Mike White teased what the next installment might hold.

“The first season, we highlighted money and then the second season is sex and I think the third season, it would be maybe a kind of satirical and funny look at death in Eastern religion and spirituality — it feels like it could be a rich tapestry to do another round at White Lotus,” said White.