In today’s celebrity beauty brand news, Megan Fox and her fiancé Machine Gun Kelly are collaborating on a new project under his nail polish brand, UN/DN LAQR.

Kelly, who is known for his nails art, launched the brand 12 months ago. Described as “self expression without the commitment,” the brand sells nail polish in bold shades, as well as stickers, apparel and accessories.

Now his wife Megan is getting involved, collaborating with the musician to release a limited collection of shades, inspired by her “favorite crystals and gemstones.” In an Instagram post, she continues by explaining the jewel-toned palette is also a tribute to the changing of seasons: “Winter is a time for all types of ‘hibernation’ or turning inward; we see this with animals as well as plants during this season. This is a waning (withdrawing) time, not a waxing (growing) time.”

As per a press release, the collection was “curated to evoke confidence, feeling centered and sexy.” Fox is also known for her love of a stiletto manicure, something the campaign imagery shows off perfectly. The shade she’s wearing – a metallic green called Brutal Honesty – is even said to be inspired by her engagement ring (an emerald that was presented to her by Kelly, in line with her birthstone).

The duo have been pretty vocal about their love story (remember when they told us they wear a vial of each other’s blood around their necks?), so it makes sense the bride-to-be got involved in his brand.

Read more about UNDN LAQR or explore the collection with Megan right here.