Everyone’s favorite goth-girl-grown-up Lorde landed at the Met Gala in splendid, midriff revealing glory. The Solar Power singer chose a white two-piece by current cult name on the fashion scene, BODE that reveals someone is definitely not missing their Pilates classes. If anyone needs to grate some cheese tonight, they can do it on Lorde’s abs.

Met Gala, Lorde, BODE
Someone’s been doing their planks. Image: Getty

The custom white silk creation was bedecked with some serious embellishment – beads, embroidery, fringed with beaten copper. It’s exactly the sort of bohemian approach to red carpet we’ve come to expect from the Kiwi performer.

In an interview on the carpet, Lorde explained that she and BODE designer Emily Bode wanted to explore the repurposed and reusable in creating the dress for the evening.

Lorde, Met Gala, BODE
Lorde worked with fresh American designer BODE to create the custom look. Image: Getty

“We wanted to work with repurposed, antique pieces as well as the peony which is the ultimate American symbol,” the singer explained. “But I also just wanted to get a bit of the bod out!”

A nod to her new album release, Solar Power, Lorde also rocked a stunning headpiece that resembled three tiny suns orbiting around her head. Solar powered indeed.

Lorde, Met Gala, BODE
Lorde takes Solar Power to a new level. Image: Getty.

Lorde’s previous Met Gala appearances have, in comparison, been rather subdued with a less is more approach. Unless you count the time she injured her arm in 2016. That year, she had some of the biggest names in Hollywood and fashion sign a cast she wore to the event.

An instagram post (since deleted) showed the likes of Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Willow Smith and Lily Collins had all wished the Royals singer well. How much do you think that old piece of plaster would fetch on eBay? I guess we’ll never know.

BODE’s creative eccentricity combined with their sustainability focus and handmade flair made it the inaugural recipient of the Karl Lagerfeld Award for Innovation at least year’s Woolmark Prize.

Panoramic footage: Getty Images Video