Lorde has now taken her affinity for golden hues all the way to her hair, and the internet is obsessed. Unveiling the platinum look in her new music video for Mood Ring, the singer kept to her recent citrus colour scheme by pairing the Khaleesi-esque blonde hair with a silk gown in a pistachio hue.

The bright blonde shade is a stark departure from Lorde’s trademark brunette locks, which she tends to wear in natural loose curls. Of course, Twitter subsequently went into meltdown as fans raved about the musician’s bold hair transformation, with one declaring, “Blonde Lorde is a SERVE”.

In the music video for Mood Ring, Lorde sends up the wellness influencer trope by creating a Byron Bay-style fever dream of white women, linen and crystals. There’s a distinct cult-y air to the sartorial clip, which the singer says was the result of her recent deep-dive into 60s Flower Child culture.

“I wanted to understand the commune life, dropping out from society and trying to start again. That really resonated to me when writing this album,” Lorde shared in a statement.

“One thing that occurred to me as a major parallel between that time and our time is our wellness culture and our culture of spirituality, pseudo-spirituality, wellness, pseudo-wellness,” the 24-year-old continued, explaining that the lyrics in Mood Ring – “You can burn sage and I’ll cleanse the crystals” – reflect the holistic blonde princess persona Lorde embodies in the video.

“Things like eating a macro-biotic vegan diet or burning sage, keeping crystals, reading tarot cards or your horoscope. These were all things that they were dabbling in back then, and that me and my girlfriends are dabbling in today. I was like ‘I think there’s a pop song in here’. So this is kind of my extremely satirical look at all of those vibes,” she explained.

Whether the blonde hair is a permanent change or just a very good wig for her turn as a wellness warrior, we’re here for this new Solar Power look on Lorde.