Lizzo and Robert Pattinson

January 5, 2020: Before social media’s “Post a Photo Of…” challenge went viral, a Google search of “Lizzo and Robert Pattinson together” wouldn’t yield, well, any results. But recently, the “Good as Hell” hitmaker blessed her 9.6 million Instagram followers with an unexpectedly iconic photo when a fan asked her to share a pic of “something random.” In the rare case that you haven’t studied every single aspect of the photograph, we implore you to do so now.

Obviously, Lizzo didn’t disappoint her fans, unearthing the old photograph of the pair in what appears to be a crowded, cave-like watering hole. Lizzo smiles for the camera, sporting a yellow scoop-neck tank top underneath a multicolored V-neck shirt. She wore minimal makeup and embraced a close-cropped wavy hairstyle and bangs.

Lizzo and Robert Pattinson

On the other hand, Pattinson just barely smiles at the camera, wearing a T-shirt of what looks like the silhouette of a dinosaur topped with a checkered blue shirt and a baseball cap. The actor is seemingly without a beverage, but for the photo, Lizzo holds onto a fresh cocktail with a yellowish tint. A margarita, maybe? Or a whisky sour? Tragically, the world may never know.

Lizzo didn’t specify what year this glorious interaction occurred, and, like the rest of the world, we’re desperate for context. To figure it out, GRAZIA did some serious sleuthing. After snooping through Twitter, we came across a tweet from a Robert Pattinson fan account, originally shared in August 2020. According to the Tweet, they came across the photo on MySpace, which reportedly occurred in a Houston bar in 2010. 

If we were to venture a guess, we’d say that Lizzo’s been holding onto the photo with Pattinson for a while now. If she was waiting for the perfect moment to surprise her followers with the hilariously random photo, she certainly found it.