Bleached brows aren’t a new trend, but they certainly are polarizing. Top Model fans recognize the emotional meltdown caused when Tyra suggested a bleached eyebrow during makeovers, and the uncanny valley alien-like look can be rather… jarring at first glance. But when the CEO of Big Girl Summer, Queen of TikTok herself, Lizzo, goes for the extreme look, it is nothing but cool, chic, and feels like a timeless throwback.


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In a new Instagram photo as well as TikTok, the “Truth Hurts” singer revealed bleached blonde brows and a cropped blonde wig that looks a bit like someone took Kris Jenner and introduced her to a healthy dose of lightener, bleach, and purple shampoo. The look is topped off with a cool polka dots design placed strategically around her orbital bone by her longtime makeup artist Alexx Mayo. The MUA posted the image on his own Instagram with the caption “NEW MOOD,” adding a compliment, “My favorite face to doodle on.” 

Is it just us, or does Lizzo give us real “matching your bag to your makeup” vibes here? For those wondering how to style their black-and-white polka dot purses or looking to do their own version of a rockabilly look but on their face, try this one. All you need to replicate it is a good eyeliner, some shiny gloss, and a really, really good highlight. Oh, and some bleach for your eyebrows, but, uh, don’t do that on your own. Leave that one to the pros. We’re not taking any liability if you lose an eyebrow.