Content Warning: Some of the images below depict scenes of fake gore

In yet another scandal involving Kylie Jenner’s makeup brand, Kylie Cosmetics, fans and non-fans of the brand are commenting on a Freddy Krueger-themed Halloween makeup palette. Halloween is not for everyone that’s for sure, but for those of us who do like the holiday, Jenner’s creative choice paying homage to Wes Craven’s Nightmare On Elm Street is a fun and interesting spin on the horror classic. But as always, people on Instagram have something to say about it.

In a bold and risqué move, Jenner released a promotional video for the new makeup line where she was completely nude and covered in fake blood. The video was haunted by sounds inspired by The Nightmare On Elm Street, and was a very strong way to introduce the new collection — something Kylie Cosmetics has been criticized for not doing in the past.

“Can you guess who we collaborated with this year for halloween?” she wrote underneath the video. “Collection reveal coming today.”

People had strong reactions against the video, saying that Jenner was relying too much on nudity and shock value to promote her new line. Granted, there are some valid criticisms against Kylie Cosmetics’ past moves. But this time, it just seems like people want to pick apart something that actually has some great artistic choices and fits a theme perfectly.

But Jenner has since doubled-down on her collection, posting campaign images depicting her in a white bodysuit complete burgundy vinyl boots, sitting in a bedroom next to a sweater that resembles Freddy Krueger’s.

The collection includes an eyeshadow palette ($30), lip lacquer set ($35) and lip and cheek Jelly Stain ($17). The eyeshadow palette, from what we’ve seen, comes in a box that looks like an old VHS tape and is spattered with blood on the inside. Talk about an instant Halloween classic! The collection will be available on October 12, and you better hurry before it sells out.