Kylie Jenner really seems to be going for a certain theme this time of year, as she’s on the cusp of releasing a Freddy Krueger inspired Kylie Cosmetics line. Jenner seems to be a fan of all things horror and spooky, and with this latest look posted to Instagram, it seems that she’s going for a full on red devil ensemble in head to toe scarlet. All she needs now is the pitchfork and horns and she’d be ready for a party!

The all-red look that Jenner wore is a Richard Quinn special. You may have seen another Quinn design recently if you’ve kept up with Cardi B’s latest Paris Fashion Week fashion, where she wore an all green jumpsuit with a bonnet. But this iteration it seems, was inspired by all things decadent and red, coming much more from a sultry and sleek angle.

The base for the outfit is a deep, true red jumpsuit that seems to morph perfectly into a pair of high heels of the same shade of sanguine. Over top the jumpsuit was a larger-than-life and elegant red jacket that was about ankle length and featured some pretty dramatic shoulder pads, which have been having a little moment of their own, as seen with Kim Kardashian’s recent pink suit. The whole look was finished off with a pair of red gloves that seamlessly matched everything else.

Monotone red can be jarring at first, it is in fact a color that’s known to have psychological effects on those surrounded by it, but Jenner is channeling that energy to go along with her recent stint with horror. It’s no doubt that this outfit is an extended aesthetic choice based around her Freddy Kruger inspired line of Kylie Cosmetics, which she promoted covered in fake blood and in the nude, and we’re loving the theme she’s been going with.