In a turn of events that shocked and disappointed internet sleuths and fans alike, Kylie Jenner revealed that she did not, in fact, know the sex of her second baby. This comes after a week of deliberation and hypothesizing by online forums and Instagram comments picking apart clues about her second child. But if they were able to determine her pregnancy by a nail polish color, I wouldn’t put it past them to find out the sex of the baby.

In an interview with Vogue, Jenner tells the interviewer, when prompted about the name of baby number two, that “we need to find out the gender first, and we’ve decided to wait.” So, there you go, there were no hints given, no hidden messages.

The whole rumor mill started up when Jenner posted pictures to Instagram promoting her newest business venture, Kylie Baby, a line of baby care that she would “use on her own kids.” In the photo, she is seen with daughter Stormi, and they are each wearing blue outfits that matched the color palette of the product packaging. This photo is what led the internet to believe that Jenner was having a boy.

One fan wrote, “She’s obviously going to have a boy cause of the blue,” while another said, “I feel like she will have a baby boy.” But like previously stated, Jenner is usually extremely meticulous about secrets in her life. With that being said, if we do end up getting any hints about baby number two, it’s going to require even more sleuthing, and we have a feeling they’re to be even more subtle.