kim kardashian skin care

Kim Kardashian doesn’t mess around when it comes to her skin, but now she’s finally revealed the product that’s had “the biggest impact” on her flawless complexion. In a Q&A on the Instagram page of her recently launched skincare line, SKKN By Kim, the reality star credited the brand’s Exfoliator with changing her skin.

“It’s so hard to choose which SKNN BY KIM product has had the biggest impact on my skin. I think the Exfoliator, because it really is my idea of perfection,” she said. “I also love our Face Cream and Oil Drops, especially when combined together. And I think both serums have just given me a level of hydration and radiance that I didn’t have before.”

Speaking about her skin care journey, Kardashian said that being consistent with her routine has made a significant difference to the way her skin looks and feels.

“Prioritizing skincare has totally changed my life. Taking the time to perfect my skincare routine has greatly improved my skin texture and given me the confidence to go makeup-free (or at least wear less makeup) more often,” she said, adding, “I receive so many compliments on my natural skin now, and it makes me so happy!”

The SKIMS founder also spoke about changing her outlook on her skincare routine, sharing that it’s now part of her overall beauty regimen. “I’ve started to think of my skincare as part of my makeup routine. The goal is to create the best and healthiest canvas possible for your makeup,” she said.


“And once the look and feel of your skin starts to improve, I think you naturally just want to cover it up less. My makeup sits and blends better now. I’m loving all these soft, minimal glam days!”

Regular exfoliation is proven to help prevent breakouts and even out the texture of the skin, which is no doubt a key reason why Kardashian’s makeup applies and wears better. It also works to brighten, giving the skin more radiance and keeping wrinkles and fine lines at bay.

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