kim kardashian reflective bikini

There’s little doubt that Kim Kardashian-West is a polarizing figure when it comes to fashion. After all, this is the woman who brought us such divisive sartorial moments as bike shorts, latex bodysuits and micro-sunglasses. She’s certainly never been one to shy away from pushing style boundaries, so should we be surprised that her latest Instagram post makes a case for the reflective bikini?

Kardashian-West is pictured wearing the two-piece in what appears to be her closet, with an assortment of ultra-expensive Hermès Birkin bags and boots in the background. Now, let’s get one thing out of the way – the material might not actually be as reflective as it appears.

In the image Kardashian-West uploaded, the boots in the background also appear reflective, so there’s a chance the items are white and the mirror effect has come courtesy of an app. But it looks to be a deliberate style moment, with Kardashian-West writing in her caption, ‘Reflecting.’

kim kardashian reflective bikini

If it is indeed a reflective bikini, it wouldn’t be entirely surprising. It’s not out of Kardashian-West’s sartorial wheelhouse and she has been wearing an awful lot of metallic tones lately – including a silver bikini to promote her latest KKW Beauty Opalescent range and silver Moon Boots. So really, opting for full-blown reflective gear wouldn’t be much of a departure at this point.

It appears that the fashion industry has been priming us for reflective fashion’s return too, with the material hovering in the periphery for a few seasons now. Prada‘s nostalgic Nylon collection makes good use of the material on everything from bags to jackets, vests and ponchos, lending each item a 90s sportswear feel. Meanwhile Maison Margiela has a selection of sneakers in a camouflage print with a similar mirror finish.

So it seems the fashion houses are all for reflective fashion redux, and now Kardashian-West is ready too. The question is, are we? Time will tell.