Kendall Jenner is seen in the Upper East Side on May 01, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Gotham/GC Images)

Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny have seemingly confirmed their romance after weeks of speculation. On Tuesday evening, the duo was spotted engaging in a little PDA when out with a group of friends for dinner. The model and the Grammy-winner were photographed sharing a hug and an affectionate kiss in a parking lot.

Marking the first time they’ve been photographed with one another, the paparazzi shots were originally published by TMZ. According to the outlet, the two went out with friends and Kendall’s sister Kylie Jenner at a sushi restaurant in West Hollywood.

While Kendall stepped out in a dark olive green trench coat, a black turtleneck and black leather pants, Bad Bunny wore a Saint Michael Circus bomber jacket with khaki pants and a blue LA Dodgers cap.

Romance rumors began to swirl when Instagram celebrity gossip account Deux Moi blogged that they were seen making out in an L.A. club in February. The semi-anonymous account claimed that a “single, famous model sister was seen playing tonsil hockey with Bad Bunny at a private L.A. club last night,” before confirming the subject to be Jenner.

Later, many believed things to be heating up between the couple when they were seen leaving the same Beverly Hills restaurant on what seemed to be a double date with Hailey and Justin Bieber in photos published by TMZ.

Kendall last dated NBA player Devin Booker. The pair dating on and off for over two years, before finally ending their relationship for good in October 2022. News of Kendall dating Bad Bunny seemingly surprised more than the general public. When the pair began to make headlines, Booker quietly unfollowed her on Instagram.

According to People, a source claimed the pair are “spending time together.”

“Kendall recently started hanging out with him,” a separate source told the outlet. “They were introduced by friends. He moved to L.A. a few weeks ago and bought a house. She likes him and is having fun. He is different from guys that she dated in the past. He is very charming.”