PORTOFINO, ITALY – MAY 21: Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker arriving for lunch at the Abbey of San Fruttuoso on May 21, 2022 in Portofino, Italy. (Photo by NINO/GC Images)

When someone let loose that Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker’s two-year relationship wasn’t as perfect as Instagram would make it seem, the model went into overdrive trying to course correct.

A few days after it was leaked that the pair had broken up in June due to different ideas about their future, Jenner and Booker were pictured at Soho House Malibu together (perhaps the most public celebrity sighting area other than its neighbour of Nobu), before Jenner posted a naked thirst trap that the NBA player immediately liked.

Then, last month, Jenner attended her friend Lauren’s wedding with her on-again, off-again boyfriend, posting a photo of herself and Booker – albeit with his face hidden – en route to the ceremony. A Jenner source spoke to E! that week saying they “are fully back together.”

“They worked out their issues and decided they want to move forward and be together,” the source said, adding, “they moved on and it’s going really well. They have been spending a lot of time together recently and Devin was her date to her friend Lauren’s wedding over the weekend in Napa.”

Now, it appears Jenner is ready to be back to full-blown PDA mode, posting a photo of herself sitting on Booker’s lap on vacation to her Instagram story last night. But despite the very public display of ‘yes, we’re still dating!, apparently, the pair are actually still working on things behind-the-scenes.

A source explained to Entertainment Tonight that Jenner and Booker are still figuring out if a romantic relationship is the best thing for them, saying, “Kendall and Devin are doing great. They know that timing is everything, and what is meant to be, will be.”

Their busy careers in modelling and basketball factor into their relationship health, the source added. “Their work, travel schedules and balancing their professional lives with their personal lives can get overwhelming at times, but their love for one another draws them back to each other.”

Part of the reason they’re still trying to work things out is that they truly love each other and “can be real and raw and completely and authentically themselves,” the source said. “There’s no filter, and they love that about their relationship.”