Aidan sex and the city
Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie) and John Corbett (Aidan) act in a scene from the HBO television series “Sex and the City” third season, episode “No Ifs Ands Or Butts”. (Photo by Paramount Pictures/Newsmakers)

Speaking to Page SixJohn Corbett has confirmed he will reprise his role of Aidan in the forthcoming HBO Max reboot of Sex and the City, titled And Just Like That. Aidan is Carrie Bradshaw’s ex-fiancé and appeared in the show between 2000 and 2003 as well as in the 2010 film sequel.

The 59-year-old is “very excited” to return to the SATC set and believes he will be in “quite a few” of the new episodes. With just 10 episodes confirmed in the reboot, we couldn’t help but wonder… will Aidan steal Carrie’s heart once more? Aidan was the furniture designer that Carrie cheated on and subsequently dumped after he wanted marriage. In the sequel film, the couple reunited for a cheeky kiss.

In February, it was reported that Chris Noth’s Mr. Big (whom Carrie married) would not return to the reboot. There have since been differing reports on the matter with Noth insinuating on social media that he could return.

Noth wrote on Instagram, “Well if Page Six says it … It must be true,” along with a telltale winky-face emoji.

Corbett also responded to Kim Cattrall’s absence from the new series and noted he never noticed any grievances between the actress and Sarah Jessica Parker on set.

“I only worked with Sarah Jessica Parker. I think I had one scene with all the girls.” Corbett told Page Six.

“They were always cordial,” he continued. “Cordial with me. I got to know the other girls because when you show up for work, you’ve got to wait a few hours while they finish up a scene, but we always had nice chats and hugs. I never saw it or heard about it.”

A release date on And Just Like That has not been confirmed, but it is expected to drop later this year.

Stay tuned for further updates. Until then… a refresher on that charm.