Jodie Turner-Smith GucciHigh Jewelry
Clip from Gucci’s High Jewelry campaign featuring Jodie Turner-Smith

Following the launch of Gucci Garden Archetypes back in May 2021, Gucci’s creative director Alessandra Michele continues his saga into divine nature for the 100th anniversary of Gucci. This time, it comes in the form of high jewelry.

Appropriately named “Hortus Deliciarum” (Latin for Garden of Delights), the collection adequately explores maximalism in its second rendition of high jewelry using what Gucci calls its “kaleidoscopic palette.” The Florence-based fashion house tapped Queen and Slim Actress Jodie Turner-Smith to star in the campaign to launch the collection luminously. Naturally taking from her protagonist roles, Turner-Smith has major main character energy as she wades through her lavish pool for a late-night swim.

The remarkable series of photos and a short film shot by Glen Luchford depict the Anne Boleyn miniseries star accompanied by a bird, snake, and plethora of dazzling colorful stone-embellished silver pieces. Turner-Smith serves as a secondary muse next to Gucci’s ultimate muse, mother nature—and she makes it look so damn easy.

The Hortus Deliciarum collection includes more than 130 valuable pieces such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, solitaires, and exceptional timepieces (most being one-of-a-kind designs.) Following a poetic storyline, the collection into four chapters (or, themes.) The chapters are categorized by the majestic beauty of the natural world (chapter 1), star-crossed skyscapes (chapter 2), breath-taking sunsets (chapter 3), and revisiting the animal kingdom (chapter 4).

The collection undoubtedly creates a majestic grandeur that we could only closely relate to that marked in the roaring twenties. Michele makes a case that today’s fashion is intended for indulging in the finer things. All the more fitting as we enter our modern roaring twenties.

Dazzle in some of GRAZIA‘s favorite pieces from the mythological collection below: