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It’s hard to keep up with Jessie James Decker — not only is she competing on the current season of Dancing With the Stars, but she just released her new song, “I Still Love You” with Billy Currington, all while being a mom to her three kids — Vivianne, 8, and sons Eric Jr. a.k.a. Bubby, 7, and Forrest, 4, whom she shares with her husband, Eric Decker — and running her chic brand, Kittenish.

“It’s by making the choices of prioritizing what’s more important to me. It would be easy to finish doing DWTS on Monday night, go to my hotel and sleep in all day and then fly home on Wednesday, but I know that maybe my sleep will suffer and there’s going to be certain things that are harder for me, but I power through it and I get on that red eye and my kids go to sleep after watching mommy dance and then they wake up to mommy being home. It’s just so much more important to me than getting those extra hours of sleep,” the 34-year-old exclusively tells GRAZIA USA of how she balances everything.

“This is such a blip of time, and this is my one chance to star on Dancing With the Stars. It’s such an exciting experience and opportunity. I want to give it my absolute best but still make sure I am with my children as much as I possibly can be,” the Hollywood star adds.

The brunette beauty was always intrigued by the reality show, but the timing never worked out. “I’ve also always been a little scared,” Jessie admits. “But this time, I was asked to do it, and I had to give an answer within hours. I didn’t have a lot of time to think on it and second guess myself, so I said, ‘Oh, OK, I guess I’ll do it!'”

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Jessie, who is competing alongside Wayne Brady, Gabby Windey, Jordin Sparks, Charli D’Amelio and more, wasn’t sure what to expect when she put on her dancing shoes and began learning new tricks with her partner, Alan Bersten. “I think I thought it was going to be a little easier because I’ve always thought, ‘OK, I have rhythm.’ But I was really wrong. It is really hard,” she says. “You’re using parts of your brain and parts of your body you’ve never used before. There are so many moments where I stop and I’m like, ‘I wish I would’ve done dance lessons growing up as a kid’ so I didn’t have to crunch to learn everything right now, but I am giving it my absolute best. I will say this experience has been like no other, and I’m proud of myself for giving it my all, getting out there and finishing a dance.”

“You think, ‘I’ve got seven days to learn this dance.’ But no, you’ve got seven days to perfect it,” she explains. “There’s certain things that come easy and certain things where they seem like the easiest steps, and I’m struggling with them.”

Fortunately, Bersten is there every step of the way. “He is so passionate about what he does,” she says. “He loves dancing, he loves this show. He’s got so much passion, and I appreciate how passionate he is about putting our dances together and putting in the work. He knows I’m giving everything I’ve got, and I’m trying to juggle my mom duties. Being a mom is number one to me, so he knows I’ve got to finish the show and fly home.”

Clearly, the mom-of-three’s hard work has paid off, as she is a fan-favorite and she was crowned DWTS Prom Queen on the Monday, October 17, episode of the show. “I feel humbled by the experience,” she gushes. “I feel grateful for all the support I’m getting from other women out there, and they know how hard I am trying.”

Diana King

It’s also helped that Eric and her kids have been watching Jessie every week. “I always have a great support system with my fans, but it’s an extra sweet support system I’m so grateful for,” she notes. “My family loves it, and they get a little heated because that’s their mama up there on stage. They know and see all the hard work I’m putting in. They want me to get high scores, they want me to get the accolades they feel I deserve. They’re so precious, but the five of us are a team.”

Ultimately, Jessie feels “inspired” by the other contestants. “I am so grateful to be here,” she declares.

It seems like everything Jessie touches turn to gold — from her amazing music career to people buying clothes from Kittenish — but there is one thing she hasn’t “totally conquered” yet: acting. “I’ve done many auditions, and I’ve gotten close,” she says. “I would love to try it. I love to try new things, I love to be creative. I love the art, and I feel like I got to do a little bit of acting in the latest music video that I did. It was fun to watch back. I feel like it would be really fun to explore that artistic side of me.”

For now, Jessie — who embarked on The Woman I’ve Become tour this past year — is excited about focusing on music again, as “Grow Young With You,” which came out in late September, has climbed the charts. “I wanted to put this song out a couple of years ago, but the team felt it wasn’t the right time or right song choice. As time went by, I never forgot about it. I loved it so much and I felt like it really represented me and Eric,” she shares. “When I teased it, it started trending immediately and it started going viral. People started making their own fan videos to it and having their own spin on it. I’ve never seen streams this quickly, so it’s off to a great start!”

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Jessie is as motivated as ever when it comes to her career — something she learned from her mom. “She made me feel like I could literally do anything,” she confesses. “I think having that sort of person in my life made me feel like anything was possible was so important. I could call her up right now and tell her the most outrageous thing, and she’d be like, ‘You could do it.’ I think it’s good for us to remember to make sure we tell our kids to dream big. Anything is possible if you set your mind to it.”

One thing is clear: the sky is the limit for Jessie.

Dancing With the Stars airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on Disney+.