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As an international supermodel, Jasmine Tookes can use almost any beauty product or treatment in the world. But despite all the access she’s afforded, it turns out she still enjoys an effective budget item that you can pick up at the supermarket.

In a recent interview, the former Victoria’s Secret Angel revealed that her favorite body product actually costs less than $10. In fact, it’s not even a product designed for adults. “I love moisturizer and I always have some sort of oil with me. I just like to use the simple Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil,” she said.

Tookes shared that she loves applying the cheap oil after her daily showers. “Whenever I get out of the shower it’s the first thing I apply. It has ruined a lot of my nice clothes so now I apply it and usually put on some pyjamas for a bit so it can sink into my skin,” she said.

The model ensures she exfoliates well before applying so that the oil can really sink in for optimum softness. “The secret to a good shower is leaving yourself enough time and not having to rush – I like to use body scrubs and really exfoliate my skin and enjoy it rather than popping in and out,” she said. “I could never get out of a shower and not apply an oil. Having beautiful, glowing skin on your body is just so nice.”

Tookes, who has recently been appointed the face of Hourglass‘ new skincare range, also professed her love for the brand’s Rebalancing Cream Cleanser ($82). “It’s gentle and leaves my skin feeling moisturized… It doesn’t leave a cast on my skin so I’m able to put it under my make-up – it makes it really beautiful and glowy.”

Well if works for a supermodel – sign us up! Shop Tookes’ fave body oil below.


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