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ROQUEBRUNE-CAP-MARTIN, FRANCE – MAY 27: Jacob Elordi attends an intimate dinner hosted by TAG Heuer at Ceto Restaurant ahead of the 79th Monaco Grand Prix on May 27, 2022 in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, France. (Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for TAG Heuer)

Jacob Elordi might embody the ultimate player as Nate on Euphoria, but the Australian actor has actually been loved up and serious several times in his 20s. He may not have a girlfriend at the time of writing, but the man has dated some of the biggest names in Gen Z Hollywood.

A romantic at heart, Elordi once told W Magazine about his first kiss, revealing some serious water-sign energy (Jacob Elordi’s star sign is Cancer). “Train station in East Malvern, in Melbourne, with a girl named Ruby. We met at the station at, I think, 4:20 sharp. It was a date to meet and kiss. It’s probably still one of the most romantic moments in my life.”

Some of his ex-girlfriends and past relationships you may know (ahem, Zendaya). Others might surprise you (Joey King!). Let’s take a look back at the famous faces in Jacob Elordi’s love life.

2017 – 2018: Joey King

jacob elordi joey king
WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA – AUGUST 28: Joey King and Jacob Elordi attend Variety’s Power of Young Hollywood event at the Sunset Tower Hotel on August 28, 2018 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jesse Grant/WireImage)

Jacob Elordi’s big break was as Noah in Netflix film series The Kissing Booth, but it was also where he met his first famous girlfriend, Joey King. King played Elordi’s co-star and love interest, Elle, but the actors also fell in love in real life.

King told Bello back in 2018, “Well, I thought he was very cute when we first met, but it started as a friendship. Right away, we were talking about gross things with each other. But before long, I started to realize, ‘Hey, I think I kind of like this person!’ It was such an interesting experience meeting your boyfriend on-set because you spend so much time together and become so close so fast. We were spending 17 hours a day together, and all of us would hang out after work and watch movies together and stuff. It was great.”

Here’s an awkward twist: Jacob Elordi and Joey King broke up before the filming of The Kissing Booth 2 began, which meant they had to play a couple on screen while dealing with whatever tension was left post-split. According to King, it was a challenging experience, but she doesn’t regret their relationship.

“I think it’s a good thing we dated in the first place. I learned the most I’ve ever learned in my life from him,” she told Howard Stern. Although she also added that she “couldn’t” date another actor, she added “I think that it’s awesome to date someone in your field, who gets it, but doing the same exact thing as somebody is tough. It’s really tough.”

2019: Cari Flowers

Okay this one is all Instagram drama. According to Elite Daily, model Cari Flowers might have had something romantic going on with Jacob Elordi in mid-2019, based off her social media behavior.

Basically, Flowers posted a photo and tagged Elordi, implying he took the snap. She then un-tagged him, but then on June 2 the model shared a series of photos captioned “friends in Australia!” one of which was Elordi shirtless. Later, the outlet reported she also posted photos of them kissing.

All of these were then removed from her Instagram account in June, so whatever their status was, it’s clear both parties didn’t want to publicize it.

2019 – 2020: Zendaya

jacob elordi zendaya
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – JUNE 04: Zendaya and Jacob Elordi attend HBO’s “Euphoria” premiere at the Arclight Pacific Theatres’ Cinerama Dome on June 04, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by FilmMagic/FilmMagic)

Jacob Elordi might have a thing for dating co-stars — his next serious relationship was with none other than fashion icon and Euphoria actress Zendaya, who plays Rue. While Rue and Elordi’s character Nate don’t exactly get along (let alone hook up), the pair met on set and quietly pursued a relationship over the course of around a year.

Elordi kept things very under wraps. Even though the couple were snapped holidaying in Greece together in August 2019, the actor told GQ Australia in an interview for their December issue, “She’s like my sister. Zendaya is an amazing creative, you know? She’s super dope to work with. She’s an incredible artist and a very caring person to all of us.”

Throughout the end of 2019 the couple were spotted together kissing or on dates — Zendaya even went to Australia for Thanksgiving to spend it with Elordi’s parents — but they never confirmed their relationship. A source spoke to People after Zendaya and Jacob Elordi were spotted backstage at the Broadway show of Dear Evan Hansen, saying “She did not intro him as her boyfriend, but it was very obvious that they were together. They were trying not to hold hands and stuff and give away that they were a couple since there were a lots of people around.”

It’s not known when exactly the couple broke up, but most reports speculate it was early 2020.

2020 – 2021: Kaia Gerber

Kaia Gerber
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – SEPTEMBER 25: Kaia Gerber and Jacob Elordi attend The Academy Museum Of Motion Pictures Opening Gala at Academy Museum of Motion Pictures on September 25, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic,)

After splitting from Zendaya, Jacob Elordi’s next high-profile relationship was with model Kaia Gerber. Speaking to Men’s Health at the time, Elordi said Gerber “handles herself wonderfully publicly,” and I’ve learned so much from her about how to handle it, how to deal with it and just kind of be whatever about it, you know?”

As with all of Jacob Elordi’s relationships, he and Gerber kept a low profile — but things were a little more public than his past love stories. Gerber and Elordi were snapped kissing in public, confirming their relationship, in October 2020. Then for Halloween, Kaia Gerber shared this photo of their couples costume.

jacob elordi kaia gerber
Credit: Instagram / Kaia Gerber

Gerber opened up about their romance to Vogue for their June 2021 issue, saying “being able to be with someone I trust, where we don’t want anything from each other, having a safe, steady relationship like that, has really opened my eyes to the possibilities of love and what it feels like to love without conditions.” Still, the relationship didn’t last – by November 2021, the couple had split up.

Ironically, Kaia Gerber now dates Elvis himself — well, Elvis star Austin Butler. Even more ironic — Jacob Elordi is also going to be playing Elvis, this time in Sofia Coppola’s upcoming biopic.

Olivia Jade Giannulli

In December 2021, Elordi was snapped by People getting coffee with Olivia Jade Giannulli, a famous YouTuber. However, sources told Us Weekly that the relationship was “casual.” “They both got out of relationships recently so they’re not rushing into anything serious. So far it’s going well and there’s sparks between them.”

By May 2022 they were officially dating, according to reports from Us Weekly – but just a few months later the relationship was over. “He’s not looking for a serious relationship at the moment,” the source said of Elordi, referencing their rumored relationship as “hanging out together.”

March 2023: Bianca Finch

Elordi’s most recent rumored girlfriend is Australian model Bianca Finch. The Daily Mail posted paparazzi photos of Elordi photographing Finch and her (adorable) dog in a Los Angeles park recently.

However, there are no snaps of them interacting romantically, so we’re chalking this one up to being just two friends chilling of an afternoon.