English musician, singer-songwriter, and actor David Bowie with his wife Somali fashion model Iman, circa 1995. (Photo by Rose Hartman/Archive Photos/Getty Images)

Legendary supermodel, beauty mogul, and philanthropist Iman has made her eau de parfum debut, paying tribute to her epic love story with late husband, rock royalty David Bowie. The launch of her first fragrance dubbed Love Memoir symbolizes her enduring relationship with the iconic musician. After 24 years of marriage and a daughter together, Bowie passed away in 2016 of liver cancer at 69 years old. 

During the pandemic, Iman retreated to the couple’s home in upstate New York where Bowie spent time finishing his final album. Previously, the beauty entrepreneur did her best to avoid spending long stretches of time here, unwilling to sit in her grief- but as lockdown lingered on, Iman had no choice but to face her feelings. Ever since, she has found inspiration and bits of Bowie in everything from their home, to his favorite white birch trees, to the small stone columns scattered throughout their property. 

Iman told Vogue US, “David would always say that in ancient times, these towers were used for navigation to let people know they were on the right track,” she said of the stone columns. “Stacking them on my walks became this very calming ritual each day. It was a way to honor his memory, but also a reminder that I was in the right place, that this was my right space.” 

What the Scottish-Gaelic dub cairns, the little rock formations had a huge influence on Iman’s product packaging. With plenty of hidden clues, the bottle doubles as its own secret love letter to Bowie. The amber glass has been molded in the shape of a cairn while the packaging has been printed with a sunset illustration Iman personally painted. The fragrance itself blends hints of rose to reference Bowie’s British roots, scents of blackberry and bergamot as an ode to Florence where they were married, and adds notes of vetiver- Bowie’s signature scent. Exclusively available on HSN, Iman has managed to bottle up an epic fairytale. While their love was already eternal, Love Memoir immortalizes their story in a whole new way. 

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