Winter vacation season is in full effect, and that means lots of trips to sunny locales. And while a lot of time goes into planning outfits for long days languishing in the pool or by the beach, don’t forget to make hair health a priority, too.

“Hair can get really beat up when traveling,” says Eyal Berger, a New York-born and Israeli-raised stylist now based at the Valery Joseph salon in Miami’s Design District who also makes regular trips to N.Y.C. to see longtime clients. But with some pre-planning, it’s a breeze to keep locks in good shape. Below, we’re breaking down easy-to-follow tips from Berger to keep in mind before you jet off to your next tropical getaway.

Protect hair before going outside

Hair health is really affected by the elements, and staying one step ahead can really make all the difference. Berger recommends applying a high-quality mask such a Swimcap Water Resistant Mask by hair expert Philip Kingsley to strands. “This is very important,” Berger tells GRAZIA USA. “This product creates a barrier between the hair and the sun, salt water and chlorine.” Berger notes that using a barrier mask is especially vital for people with chemical treatments such as Keratin and color and recommends applying it to wet or damp hair for better results.. “You don’t want to strip the hair, and using this will help a lot,” shares Berger.

Travel with your own shampoo and conditioner

Make sure you save some space in your toiletry bag for hair products, especially shampoo and conditioner. Berger recommends avoiding the products that hotels are stocked with — even at high-end properties — and advises clients to pack a travel-sized set of Kerastase Soleil Protective Hair Care. “Try not to use the hotel’s hair products,” says Berger. The idea is that if you are using high-quality hair care at home, you should do the same when traveling. It’s important to keep up the routine and you never really know what’s in the hotel products.”

Bring a satin pillowcase

This may seem a little “extra” but Berger admits that bringing along a satin pillowcase to help ease frizz and damage to hair. “I highly recommend this,” says Berger. “It sounds like a lot but it really goes a long way especially for anyone with hair extensions.” Grab a pack of silk ponytail holders for added protection.

Add oil

If you’re traveling to cold-weather climates, perhaps to hit the slopes, Berger suggests adding a hydrating oil to strands to avoid drying. “It’s very important to hydrate,” he explains. “The Valery Joseph Brilliance Hair Perfecting Oil is a product that does great in colder weather.”

Do a deep conditioning treatment after the trip

When the trip is over, and you are back home with sun-kissed skin (and possibly frazzled hair), Berger advises clients to get a professional deep conditioning treatment and even a little trim for a post-trip refresh. “I love our own Valery Joseph Smooth product which is a very potent hydrating cream and heat defense,” Berger shares. “It’s great for wash and go or for using before heat styling and really helps keeo the frizz out after long sunny days in the ocean and pool.”


Find Eyal Berger at Valery Joseph salon in Miami at 140 North East Street and in N.Y.C. at 1044 Madison Avenue.