There’s no denying that Hailey Baldwin is a really, really ridiculously good looking human. But perhaps one of her most striking features is her incredible skin, which is constantly blemish-free and glowing (see above for a prime example). 

Her husband, Justin Bieber, on the other hand, has struggled with adult acne for years – something incredibly relatable and refreshing given that we were all fed a horrible lie that our pimples would suddenly disappear at age 20.

But recently, Justin’s skin has been perfect – and he has his wife to thank for it. 

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Lil picnic wif bae

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Chatting to Dr Barbara Sturm on TikTok, Hailey shared that while Justin was using medical-grade strategies to clear his face, including Roaccutane a high-strength anti-inflammatory drug, he suffered from intense irritation, which made his acne even worse. 

“Justin went through a couple months of really bad adult onset acne… I went through trying to figure out what works for him… and probably four or five months ago he went on [Roaccutane] to help… and that medication is extremely drying so I was kind of trying to help him through that process,” she said, before explaining that she realized her husband needed to be using products with far more hydration. 

“He was using ointments on his skin, because he felt like his skin was literally falling off, so helping him figure out what products would be hydrating without being oily…we found the right combo for him that worked… Now his skin looks great and it’s glowing.”

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In May, Justin spoke about letting Hailey take over his skincare regimen, saying his wife would apply masks, serums, and all sorts of products to his skin and that he trusts her to do her thing because her skin is “so freaking good.” Yep:

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Anyone know if Hailey’s taking Zoom consultations?