Images: Neil Rasmus/

On Saturday, September 4th, GRAZIA kicked off the last unofficial weekend of Summer with a private workout and wellness pop-up at Tracy Anderson Studio in Water Mill. The event capped off an exciting season of events and launches for Anderson, a GRAZIA Gazette: The Hamptons Edition cover star.

An array of guests including Jessy Cain, Helen Gifford, and Natalie Grossman donned wireless headphones to participate in an intermediate TA Method class, led by trainer Aubrey Lawrence, outdoors on the studio lawn before enjoying functional wellness treats and exclusive gifting.

Studio members and invitees shopped the Sara Shala New York trunk show and perused the latest Radley London leather handbag collection. Bespoke bag personalization was available for attendees via custom monogram painting.

All attendees at the event took home Tracy Anderson totes containing Dr. Imber sunblock, Elements adaptogenic drinks, Radley London wallets, Reach Nutrition and R.E.D.D. plant-based bars, Vie Healing 24k gold ear seeds, plus GRAZIA face masks and with the GRAZIA Gazette: The Hamptons Edition Volume V.

The event was the perfect way to end the summer out East, with guests being able to gather safely outdoors for a special day of wellness and retail therapy.

In a cover interview with GRAZIA early this summer, Anderson explained her take on helping people shape not only better bodies but better lives.

“For me, it’s about progress and me wanting to do all that I am capable of to help contribute to progress,” she tells GRAZIA Gazette: The Hamptons. “The human race needs a lot of progress, and I want to make sure that I do my part—so that my children and my children’s children have the opportunity to not get hip replacements when they’re 30; or to not have disconnected physical feelings; to be able to be and to become their most balanced self and to do it for the right reasons.”

With a roster of clients including Gwyneth Paltow, J. LO and many, many others, Anderson and her team of talented trainers strive to provide the very best for those engaging with the research-based TA Method workouts.

“What inspires me is the mathematical challenges, the scientific challenges, the historic research of, Where did we go wrong? Where did we derail our health? Where did we start kidding ourselves? Where did we start becoming so denatured, physically distanced? Where, when, and why did this happen in our history and how do we get it back on track so that I can help contribute to our longevity and quality of life?” she explains. “So it really comes from this: How can I help?