Gigi Hadid Beauty Routine
Gigi Hadid shared a look inside her beauty cabinet with her followers on Instagram

There’s something supremely satisfying about looking into celebrities’ homes (maybe that’s why MTV Cribs was renewed for a whopping 19 seasons back in the day). And our curiosities only pique twofold when the said house tour involves the bathroom. It’s like an intimate glimpse at who someone privately is. Sure, it’s voyeuristic, but it’s also the impetus behind blown-up hashtags like #shelfie and #ITGtopshelf – the truth is, people love to snoop other people’s beauty and grooming routines.

This rings especially true for Gigi Hadid, mum-to-be and supermodel who, surprisingly, gave followers an intimate look inside her New York City apartment over the weekend.

Hadid shared a series of images (seen below) detailing her recently refurbished home with the following caption:

“Spent all of last year designing and curating my passion project / dream spot. Of course it all came together right before quarantining out of the city…. but I’m excited for the time I’ll get to spend enjoying all the special corners that were made with a lil help from some of my favorite creatives (tap!) who embraced my ideas and didn’t call me crazy. 💛 ++ my mamma:) who is the greatest homemaking-sounding-board I could ask for (she called me crazy when required) ☺️ grateful to and for all.”

She also shared a few more inside looks on stories, including the aforementioned beauty cabinet (pictured above). And what a cabinet it was: floor to ceiling glass shelving full of skincare, fragrance and body products – all selected by the girl who can essentially have whatever she wants. Of course, we zoomed, screen-grabbed and made a few notes to relay here: there’s a bottle of Australian-born Kora Organics Face Oil, Augustinus Bader’s infamous $240 Body Cream, Dr. Barbara Sturm skincare and lush Chanel body creams. We also spy Le Labo fragrance, Victoria Beckham’s new serum, St Tropez tanner and Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. There’s even a tube of Aussie favourite Lanolips (the body cream it seems from this angle) – a Lanolin-rich moisturizer that started as a local secret and has since gone gangbusters. We’re sure she’s got more (she’s the face of Maybelline after all), but for now, this is pretty great.

See the rest of Hadid’s NYC apartment tour below: