LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – JULY 06: Hailey Bieber is seen on July 06, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by John Sciulli/WireImage)

TikTok beauty trends emerge and dissipate at an eye-watering pace (remember the Gorilla glue phase? Shudder). But there are a number of hair, makeup and skincare techniques that tend to linger a little longer than others, one of which is the ‘clean look’, which has been popularised by the likes of Hailey Bieber, Zoë Kravitz and Madison Beer.

The minimal beauty trend has taken TikTok by storm, characterised by a propensity towards luminous skin, sleek locks seamlessly applied makeup. As The Cut recently detailed, the clean look could be considered 2021’s answer to model off-duty beauty – groomed hair and fresh, impossibly flawless skin that’s delicately enhanced with makeup.

The idea is to emanate ‘expensive’ from your imperceptible pores, without it looking like any effort was actually required. The trend channels a level of personal polish that’s primarily accessible to those with endless income, who can invest heavily in treatments to keep their skin and hair in top condition.

But TikTok has democratised the aesthetic (well, to an extent – let’s be real, it still conforms to a very specific beauty standard) by demonstrating how to emulate the clean look. After a commenter observed that she looked “so clean” in one of her videos, TikTok creator Eva Rankin shared her tutorial for barely-there makeup and hair, and the trend took off.


Reply to @yoodaddydre how to achieve the ✨clean✨ look ib: @millieleer #cleanmakeup

♬ Manhattan – Ella Fitzgerald

Other creators, including Eva Gutowski, followed suit, sharing tips to help their audiences achieve the aesthetic, from skincare and makeup to hair and accessories. It tends to begin with freshly cleansed skin (of course) and a sleek middle part, with lengths usually brushed flat and pulled back into a neat ponytail or bun.

It’s then all about giving your skin a ludicrous level of glow, with luminous skincare and sunscreen, followed by relatively sheer makeup that’s designed to appear invisible – a tiny amount of concealer, rosy blush, some warmth added via bronzer, brown liner and brushed-up brows.


Mastering the “Clean Look” for my mixed/POC friends! 🤎🤍🌹 #cleanlook #makeup #richlook #expensive

♬ Manhattan – Ella Fitzgerald

The end result is natural but there’s clearly still plenty of work involved. That said, it’s perhaps a welcome reprieve from some of the heavier makeup trends we’ve seen on the platform, so consider us converted.